The Exponential Growth Of The NASDAQ: CIDM – Cinedigm Corp

Online streaming services have been booming in modern times. This rise in the streaming sector and with masses who watch online shows has allowed many media companies to grow. Media companies have been creating great content that has been appreciated by the crowd. One such media company that started in 2000 is the Cinedigm Corp and its stocks at NASDAQ: CIDM at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-cidm . Initially, Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp was founded under the name Access IT Digital Media Inc. This media agency was led by Bud Mayo who managed and directed the Cinedigm Corp until 2010, after which he retired and founded Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. It was in 2013, that the name of the company was changed to Cinedigm Corp.


Cinedigm Corp

The company deals with the OTT (over-the-top) media. It founded the “Docurama” which started as a documentary-centric media channel but was later broadcasting short films, movies, and shows. Cinedigm deals with full-scale production of movies, shows, and documentaries. It aims at the following points that have allowed the growth of the company as well as its NASDAQ: CIDM stocks.

  • It aims at full-scale production and developing projects from scratch.
  • It also focuses on creative development like branding, marketing, and pitching.
  • It has a vision of creating original content that can be streamed over all OTT based services and branding partners.

It has established a strong reputation among the many production companies by creating good connections and valuing the viewers’ feedback.


About Docurama

Docurama is a free streaming app that allows users to stream all types of documentaries and other short films. It has over 600 films and more than 1000 documentaries. Docurama promises to have created original content that at least two-thirds of the shows are unavailable elsewhere. This creation of authentic online content has allowed it to gain recognition among the investors to invest in NASDAQ: CIDM.

Some of the popular titles and categories that can be found in Docurama are;

  • Pop culture
  • Sports Thrillers
  • Environmental activism
  • War, History, and Politics
  • Arts and Music



Investing in Cinedigm Corp

Investors, before investing lookup for some facts that help them to decide whether to buy stocks or sell them. This list of facts for Cinedigm Corp is as follows:

  1. Sector – Consumer Services
  2. Industry – Consumer Electronics
  3. Market Cap – 215,386,143
  4. Exchange – NASDAQ – GM
  5. Yearly Target – $1.50
  6. Share Volume – 10,873,787
  7. Average Volume – 10,670,957
  8. Yearly high/ low – $6.0/ $0.25


Cinedigm Corp has made its fame with its original content and connections in the marketing and production world. After entering in the streaming market, it has gained even more recognition, thus surging its NASDAQ: CIDM stocks. Investors suggest buying the stocks at the best stock trading platform highly as it has been at the peak of its performance and promises to be the same for quite some time. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.


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