Prevention of Theft of Heavy Agricultural and Construction Machines

Theft of farm and construction equipment has become a major problem in the UK and Europe and is something that all farmers and owners of quality value machinery must now be aware of. In the past manufacturers have been very slow in introducing security features on machinery making things such as tractors and telescopic forklifts super easy for fast and lucrative pickings. That is made even easier with the insane fact that one key fits many machines. It seems beyond comprehension that this has been allowed to happen at all for so many years. Each year in the UK alone around �50-70 million of heavy plant and farm machinery gets stolen. And a little fraction of this is recovered.

To combat this manufactures have finally made a decision to take action. Massey Ferguson for instance have started installing new vehicle immobilizing systems which will be able to shut off the fuel supply to the engine also to lock the hydraulic system with the use of an electro-mechanical valve which will be operated with a key-fob or pin number system. This combined with a tracker system using GPS if criminals do have the ability to overcome the security features makes it far more likely that the equipment will undoubtedly be recovered. Currently only Plant hire Banbury of stolen agricultural and plant machinery is recovered.

Manufacturers like McCormick, John Deere and Landini now work with a data tag micro dot coded identification system which registers your tractor, this cannot be read by the eye but can be read by the police with the correct equipment.

Just what exactly can we do to help prevent machines that have not been fitted with these elaborate systems from being stolen? Though it goes without saying you must never leave your machines unlocked with the key inside even if it really is sitting in your yard. Easily installed hidden immobilizing switches could be suited to the machines electrical system, although this technique is not 100% effective and can possibly be bypassed by someone it will require diagnosis which takes valuable time which your average thief doesn’t have.

A simple thing just like the removal of fuses if the device is not being used for just about any length of time will probably be worth considering. However if crime in your town is particularly bad then it is worth considering fitting an off the shelf immobilizing systems, these could be purchase for quite reasonable prices. These security systems can be easily fitted either with the use of a long-lasting battery or utilizing the on board power to charge the system and can send the owner a note via telephone or email if the tractor is moved when it ought to be out of use or if it is moved out of a specific area, it can then be tracked quickly using GPS systems for quick recovery.

Continually be vigilant and report anything suspicious in your area. Should you be unlucky enough to have turn into a victim of crime allow police know and register your lost equipment online to let other people become aware so others don’t get caught out buying your stolen goods.

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