How to Start Making Hip-Hop Beats

If you want to start with your hip hop beat making process then it’s really important that you know a couple of things. You got to know what style you are going to use and even more important is that you got to know the steps to make hip hop beats because if you don’t know this, then it’s impossible to make the beats!

Hip Hop Beating Making By Knowing What’s Needed

The first step that you want to take is to try to come up with a beat in your mind and what instrumentals you will need to create the beat. A basic hip hop beat contains a kick, a hi-hat, a melody and a clap. However, these days you can add so many things like a crash or even reversed claps.

Once you’ve figured out what instrumentals you hip hop beats for sale to use, then it’s time to make a choice. You either use samples, or you create them by yourself. Creating them by yourself is basically layering samples. This way, your sound will come up more clear and the known sound of a sample will disappear because you’ve layered it.

Hip Hop Beat Making By Creating The Beat

Once you’ve gathered all the samples and instrumentals that you need for your beat, then it’s now time that you use these sounds in your beat. Making a hip hop beats isn’t really that hard, it has a lot to do with testing. Always try to be unique.

Also, these days if you really want to become a professional you can’t come up with simple beats anymore. Record labels want to hear the most complicated but still good sounding hip hop beats. If you can’t offer them that, then you’ll get rejected for sure.

Convert The Beat To Mp3 File And You Can Show it Off!

Once you’ve finally finished the hip hop beat, then you only have to convert it over to a mp3 file now. You can mostly do this by going to your beat maker and click on file, export and click then on export to mp3. This mostly takes around 1 minute before it’s finished. After that, show it off to your friends and ask their opinions. This way, you will be able to see your process by receiving feedback.

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