If you hire professional movers to help you move to your new house, you will be confronted with the question of if to tip your movers and, if you do decide to tip them, how much do you give them? It’s rather a complicated process to determine when and how much to tip, so below are a few suggestions that will hopefully make it easier for you.

The first indicate remember is that a tip is for the receipt of good service. If you do not believe that you received services that meet your expectations, you aren’t necessary to tip them at all. A tip implies that the movers met and perhaps even exceeded your expectations, so be sure you don’t provide them with a tip just because you think you should.

It is considered appropriate to supply drinks and food for your movers because they load and unload your belongings. If Moving from New York to California cold out, provide coffee or hot chocolate. If it’s hot out, provide cold drinks and water. If the move is each day, provide breakfast foods like donuts and muffins to allow them to eat while they’re working. If the move is over lunch, provide pizza or sandwiches.

If you do decide to tip your movers, it is possible to tip based on the amount of people involved in the process. When there is just one mover, as well as two movers, a good amount to tip is between $40 and $60 to split between your two. The amount you actually give should be based on how hard the move was. Have there been stairs? Were your boxes extra heavy? Did you’ve got a large amount of awkward furniture? The harder the move, the more you should tip.

When there are several movers, you need to tip $20 per person and present the entire amount to the individual responsible for the moving crew. This might function as head mover or the supervisor, but allow that person to divide the total amount up between the other movers. This way, see your face can choose to reward the people that really worked hard. You don’t have to worry about the pressure being on you to decide who gets how much.

In the end, the amount that you tip is entirely up to you. If you received spectacular service from your own movers, meaning they went well away from expectations by helping you pack, wrapping fragile items, or other tasks that should have been done prior to the movers arrived, it is possible to tip around $100. However, make sure they earn their tip. Don’t just give it in their mind because they expect it.

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